Spring into Cleaning with GreenEarth

Spring is the perfect time to renew our commitment to sustainability, and GreenEarth Cleaning makes it easy to embrace eco-friendly practices for your spring-cleaning routine. Here are nine simple ways to green up your cleanup:


Choose Reusable Cleaning Tools

Swap single-use products for reusable alternatives like microfiber cloths or bar mops. Consider DIY disinfectant wipes using clean rags, rubbing alcohol, and essential oils.

Opt for Clean, Green Products

Look for environmentally friendly cleaning products with eco-friendly packaging made from recycled or biodegradable materials.

Air Dry Your Clothes

Reduce your carbon footprint by air drying clothes outdoors or using wooden drying racks indoors.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Create natural cleaning solutions with ingredients like lemon, vinegar, and essential oils. Store them in glass bottles for a greener cleaning routine.

Recycle Properly

Educate yourself on proper recycling practices and follow guidelines from your municipal waste treatment facility to minimize waste.

Repurpose Old Clothing

Turn old clothes into cloth rags for cleaning projects or purchase bulk rags from thrift stores to reduce waste.

Implement a Compost System

Start composting food scraps to divert organic matter from landfills and create free fertilizer for plants.

Reduce Junk Mail

Say no to junk mail and opt for paperless billing. Remove your name from mailing lists and choose digital receipts to minimize paper waste.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Make small changes like fixing leaky faucets, checking appliance filters, and washing laundry in cold water to increase energy efficiency.


By incorporating these eco-friendly practices into your spring-cleaning routine with GreenEarth Cleaning, you create a healthier home environment and contribute to a more sustainable future. Let’s make this spring a season of renewal for both our homes and the planet.


Author: Sara Prince, Graphic Designer